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Who is itare?

It is an independent community library created by researcher AndreaReed-Loyal, that seeks to build links through conversation, study, shared reading, lending and free circulation. We are a public meeting space, where various ways of approaching the archive come together. We redraw the traditional vision of what is  "knowledge”  and its conservation architecture. We seek to decolonize the written word and thought by recognizing the diversity of languages, epistemologies and voices that make up expression and knowledge. The library interacts with its readerxs horizontally; we feed each other. Here we question and experiment with the file: What do we preserve and how do we do it? 


 Share(us)  freely to all people, regardless gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political affiliation or educational level, and recognizing a permanent construction process are fundamental principles. We conceive ourselves as a fabric of knowledge, where we gather and rejoin writings, voices, images, dialogues, experiences, translations, etc.,etc., etc.,to build and find community among mutual searches. What is subversive is to think of ourselves as a community, a space to promote creativity-knowledge inotherxyes we need each other for  resist, liberate and transform  traditional practices of production and circulation of"knowledge".

We share and we learn
knowledgenon profit

Who Are We
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